ПРАКТИЧНИЙ КУРС АНГЛІЙСЬКОЇ МОВИ Навчальний посібник з практики усного та письмового мовлення для студентів 4 курсу

НазваПРАКТИЧНИЙ КУРС АНГЛІЙСЬКОЇ МОВИ Навчальний посібник з практики усного та письмового мовлення для студентів 4 курсу
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6.1 Test yourself

Variant 1

  1. Translate into English.

  1. займати вищі посади в бізнесі, промисловості та уряді

  2. здібності та переваги

  3. зменшення державного фінансування досліджень

  4. місцевого підпорядкування

  5. надмірна спеціалізація

  6. найбільш гарячі теми/ проблеми в галузі освіти

  7. обов’язкові квоти

  8. отримати якнайменше дворічну подальшу освіту

  9. питання освіти

  10. підготувати дисертацію

  1. Translate into Ukrainian.

  1. a preparatory first year

  2. academic universities

  3. autonomy in determining the curriculum

  4. close supervision of students through a tutorial system

  5. complete autonomy from national or local government in their administration and the determination of their curricula

  6. compulsory, alternative, and optional subjects

  7. direction of a rector, an appointee of the national government

  8. direction of rectors elected from within

  9. graduate schools for postgraduate studies

  10. more rigorous examination.

3. Fill in the gaps with a vocabulary phrase that best fits the meaning of each sentence.

  1. Hence, a great number of ___________________ have sprung up to provide two years of undergraduate study, in contrast to the traditional universities and colleges, where a majority of students complete four years of study for a degree and where substantial numbers go on for one to three years of postgraduate study in a "graduate school."

  2. In the American system, the four-year, or "bachelor's," degree is ordinarily obtained not by passing a "finals" examination but rather by the ______________, or hours of classroom study.

  3. 3. At these schools students work toward either a __________ degree (which involves one to two years of postgraduate study) or a _____________ degree (which involves two to four years of study and other requirements).

  4. In Ukraine the ______________ are divided into universities, where humanities and pure sciences are taught; _____________, where single fields are taught (e.g., law, medicine, and agriculture); and ______________, where subjects similar to those in the institutes are taught but with a broader scientific foundation.

  5. Another distinction of the Ukrainian system is that it greatly extends the educational network by offering a broad array of carefully prepared ______________ courses.

4. Make a literary translation into English.

a) Several other issues have become troubling to higher education. Because tuition costs have risen to very high levels, many smaller private colleges and universities are struggling to attract students. Many students and their parents choose state universities where costs are much lower. The decline in federal research funds has also caused financial difficulties to many universities. Many well-educated students, including those with doctoral degrees, have found it difficult to find a form of reverse discrimination as schools seek to lower costs by hiring part-time and temporary faculty. As a result, despite its great strengths and its history of great variety, the expense of American higher education may mean serious changes in the future.

b) Satisfied that the sequence of men led to nothing and that the sequence of their society could lead no further, while the mere sequence of time was artificial, and the sequence of thought was chaos, he turned at last to the sequence of force; and thus it happened that, after ten years' pursuit, he found himself lying in the Gallery of Machines at the Great Exposition of 1900, his historical neck broken by the sudden irruption of forces totally new.

Variant 2

  1. Translate into English.

  1. протистояти зростаючій тенденції щодо...

  2. стати більш різноманітними

  3. ступінь бакалавра

  4. ступінь спеціаліста

  5. технічна освіта

  6. умови вступу до вищого учбового закладу

  7. форма прихованої дискримінації

  8. що були історично виключені

  9. що є загалом недостатньо представлені

  10. що стає нагальною для вищої освіти

  1. Translate into Ukrainian.

  1. struggling to attract students

  2. the basic entrance requirement

  3. to achieve new prominence and success

  4. to compensate for this broad social bias

  5. to feel unwelcome

  6. to obtain the economic and social rewards

  7. traditional universities and colleges

  8. uniformity in curriculum

  9. university admissions policies

  10. entry requirements centralized admissions bureau

3. Fill in the gaps with a vocabulary phrase that best fits the meaning of each sentence.

  1. Higher education is any of various types of education given in _______________ and usually affording, at the end of a course of study, a named degree, diploma, or certificate of higher studies.

  2. The basic _____________ for most higher-educational institutions is the completion of secondary education, and the usual entrance age is about 18 years.

  3. A passing mark admits students to ________________ at a university, which terminates in another, more rigorous examination.

  4. ______________________throughout the country leaves each university with little to distinguish itself.

  5. At the conclusion of a first-degree course, all students receive the same diploma, but students with the best results are awarded a ____________.

4. Make a literary translation into English.

a) Many different courses and programs are available. Some schools offer technical training in only a single field, others in a variety of fields. Some schools combine agricultural and industrial training within the same school; other schools train skilled craftspeople as well as technicians. Junior or community colleges offering courses primarily for craftspeople and technicians include courses in the liberal arts, or the technical courses may be offered in a separate division of a liberal arts-oriented junior college. Some senior colleges offer a 4-year baccalaureate program in engineering technology.  

b) Historians undertake to arrange sequences,—called stories, or histories—assuming in silence a relation of cause and effect. These assumptions, hidden in the depths of dusty libraries, have been astounding, but commonly unconscious and childlike; so much so, that if any captious critic were to drag them to light, historians would probably reply, with one voice, that they had never supposed themselves required to know what they were talking about.

Variant 3

  1. Translate into English.

  1. складність впроваджених програм

  2. загальна освіта

  3. в іншому разі не були б спроможні

  4. високотехнологічні та кваліфіковані види робіт та вища освіта

  5. відповідати вимогам щодо виконання професійних обов’язків, мати належну професійну кваліфікацію

  6. вступні іспити

  7. докторантура

  8. дотовані та фінансовані з боку держави

  9. забезпечувати рівні можливості / умови в здобутті освіти

  10. загальний суспільний обов’язок

  1. Translate into Ukrainian.

  1. part-time and temporary faculty

  2. postsecondary institutions of learning

  3. privately funded foundations

  4. recruit their students by giving competitive examinations

  5. research facilities

  6. rigorous training in all branches of applied science and technology

  7. secure equal access

  8. seek to lower costs

  9. selective admission to universities

  10. social and economic background-

3. Fill in the gaps with a vocabulary phrase that best fits the meaning of each sentence.

  1. In France, the various grandes ecoles provide________________, and their diplomas have a somewhat higher standing than that of the ordinary licence.

  2. In Germany, a country made up of what were once strong principalities, the regional universities have autonomy__________________ . nations.

  3. The Germans were the first to stress the importance of universities as _____________, and they also created a sense of them as emblems of a national mind.

  4. The autonomy of higher-educational institutions is strikingly pronounced in Great Britain where universities enjoy almost________________, despite the fact that the schools receive nearly all of their funding from the state.

  5. Britain has _______________to which candidates for admission are able to give their choice of universities in an order of preference.

4. Make a literary translation into English.

a) The demands for specific courses of postgraduate study change with the needs of society. In most developing nations, for example, professional training in engineering and the health sciences is in great demand. Preparation for a career in medicine represents the most intensive curriculum, as a medical degree requires at least four years beyond the baccalaureate, and entry into a medical specialty can require four or more additional years of study. Many other occupations are currently being upgraded to the status of professions, with accompanying increases in the amount of postgraduate education needed for entry and advancement.

b) He had even published a dozen volumes of American history for no other purpose than to satisfy himself whether, by the severest process of stating, with the least possible comment, such facts as seemed sure, in such order as seemed rigorously consequent, he could fix for a familiar moment a necessary sequence of human movement. The result had satisfied him as little as at Harvard College. Where he saw sequence, other men saw something quite different, and no one saw the same unit of measure
    1. Write an essay to the topic :

Equal access to education”

Modern technologies in higher education”

The US system of higher education”

The changes in the Ukrainian system of higher education”

My University”

The history and the traditions of Priazov State Technical University”
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